“Come to my rescue please, i am begging you.” he says

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Dear friends, family, and visitors of this blog:

I have quite a different post today compared to my previous one.  This one happens to be far less humorous. 

I received another email from a friend of mine, Beatuss.  He is a young Maasai man about my age staying in a rural area of Tanzania.  Over the past month, he and his family have been suffering from flooding and related natural disasters.  It has caused them to lose their home and made access to food quite difficult.  He says, “we are depending on jungle fruits for living.”  He has asked ME for his assistance, being one of the few people he knows with the power to help. 

Unfortunately, I feel that my hands are financially tied to meet his requests for aid to build a new home and get food for the family.  As such, I could not sit around and do nothing while my heart was aching.  I am posting his letter on my blog for others to read.  Perhaps those who read this may be able to assist him financially or maybe just by passing the word on to someone else that can.  I am simply magnifying his voice so that his call for help may be answered. 

Please read his email below.  If you want to contact him and ask how to help, his email address is:


Even as I sit in my rural village in South Africa…Iam feeling blessed.  Life here doesn’t seem so hard anymore after today. 

Cheers everyone, Adam

Hey Adam,

   It has been quite some times now since i wrote to you. My friend me and my brother and sister we are real dying with hunger and coldness down here, the truth is, since the disaster occurance not the government officials or the humanitarian agencies came to cherk on us except the nearby church which provided for us food just only once, Adam i know you are not in the position to help me but i hope you have friends whom you can tell them and they can help where they can, Adam we are dying, right now we are depending on jungle fruits for living and the place is still rainning, i see no more hope in life, i thought we were born to suffer. Please i need you right now, remember a friend in need is a friend indeed. Once again we are dying. Come to my rescue please, iam begging you.

I hope to hear from you soon as you read this message though i know i will be late to come to read the emails


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